Saturday, September 10, 2011

A fabulous sun set for an awesome day!

Talk about a DEAL!  I won a famous footwear $100 GC  the other night. The lady was kind enough to email me the code instead of mailing me the card so i could get in on a heck of a deal they had going. With the deal not only did i get my daughter 2 pairs of awesome looking cali's i was able to get her friend who lives downstairs in or build the same 2 pairs!!! The 1st pair was $44.99 and 2nd pair 42.99 and they were both on sale for $39.99 but wait it gets better 1 one get 1 50% off!!! Just when u thought you did great it get even bettter a promo code for 20% off your whole purchase!!! Bring my total to $101.74 and with that GC applied all i paid was $1.74 and to top that off shipping was free!!! wooooohoooo!!! I so cant wait to see these shoes on her as i am so jealous cuz they didn't make cool light up glittery shoes like this when i was a kid. All i got was 1 red light in the heel...LAME!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hooray i made a pretty blog!

I never been one for all this blogging but figure sure why not suddenly tonight. Will my blog succeed or be a ubber failure....pffft who know only time will tell i guess =D now over time ill add more as i get the hang of it but for now lets take it sloooow LoL =D